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Communal Coffee

Communal Coffee is a co-roasting facility in Neukölln, Berlin offering state-of-the-art production facilities for small to mid-sized roasters starting up or scaling up in the industry. We offer production, storage, and QC facilities to the local coffee community and beyond.


What we are building

In close to 400m² roastery space will be set up with multiple production lines equipped with drum and fluid bed roasters. The space will also feature everything needed for quality assessment, sample roasting as well as training, workshops, and office work.

In the same building, we have around 800m² of easily accessible pallet storage space and a logistic center for comfortably receiving and shipping out your beans.

Image by Will Dutton


 First two production lines are set to open in summer 2022. The third roasting space will be added in fall/winter 2022.

Get in contact.

Roasting slots are already being scheduled.

Image by Will Dutton