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Let's do this together.

We are looking for sponsors, partners and investors to help us build a new hub and home to the Berlin’s vibrant coffee community.

Starting a roastery, scaling up in the industry, or relocating an established roasting business is getting more and more difficult in big cities like Berlin.


Production spaces are scarce, expensive, often way too big for one roastery, and located in places that are hard to reach for customers and staff members. 


Roasting machines and other needed equipment are expensive and have extended lead times. Currently, most sought-after machines have a waiting time of six months to a year.


Production spaces often require substantial renovations. Exhaust pipes, fire protection, separate spaces for different functions, etc. Renovations represent another significant financial investment and usually take a long time to prepare.


Bureaucracy in starting a roastery involves at least Ordnungsamt,  Finanzamt, Hauptzollamt, Schornsteinfegermeister, Bauamt, and Umweltsamt. Tackling the paperwork can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating.


Getting started all by yourself takes a lot of time. Learning curves are long, and finding proper networks and support is difficult.  

Roasting rooom Communal Coffee by Ben Mönks
Future is Communal

We believe that the future of specialty coffee and especially that of the micro-roasters relies heavily on co-roasting facilities.

Using Keycard

Easy, flexible access

Easy, key-card-in-hand solution for all small-to-medium-sized specialty coffee roasteries.


Whether your business is just starting or is growing out of its current space, our capacity allows a customized plan.

Contract Review


We can't, unfortunately, take away all the bureaucracy, but we take care most of it, and for the rest, we offer our knowledge and help.


Companies can concentrate on finding new customers for their business and forget about Hauptzollamt, Umweltsamt, and Schornsteinfegers

Coffee Factory

No big investments

Three roasting rooms with fluid-bed and drum roasters. Top-of-the-line machinery available. No big investments, no lead times and no searching for maintanance.

Shared Desk

Community and network

As a communal space, we are all about sharing knowledge and learning from each other. The CC academy also offers SCA courses for roasting, sensory skills, green coffee, and different barista skills.


We aim to bring together all aspects of the specialty coffee industry, from green coffee producers and importers to equipment manufacturers and gastro owners, thus providing great networks for our members.


No stress

Roasting rooms, packing lines, QC labs, warehouse, and office spaces – all ready for usage and built to serve their purpose.

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