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Our Services

Contract roasting

Also known as project roasting is the perfect option when you have your own green coffee but no roaster.  We offer our competence in profiling the coffees to fit your expectations and take care of the whole production for you.


Sourcing the right coffees for your business is more than a matter of price. The background of the coffee plays a massive role in the specialty coffee industry and this is where we can offer our expertise, long-term relationships, trustworthy networks and efficient logistics.


We offer different trainings for coffee professionals from cupping to latte art and brewing to roasting through our CC Academy. 

All our courses can be found and inquired under the Academy-page coming up in the near future.

Whitelabel coffee

We carry a small portfolio of coffees that we roast for you under your own label. These can be for offices, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants etc to support an excisting brand.


We offer our communal knowledge about cafe operations, building coffee programs, work-flow design, quality control etc. to help you find solutions to make your business better. The consulting sessions are tailored according to your needs. 


We offer our space for a venue for all coffee related events. CC is designed to be versatile and flexible and can be transformed to many different types of use e.g. public cupping, product release party, seminars.

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