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What We Offer

Image by Josh Atwood

We offer the whole package and then some.

 Fully equipped roasting facilities with green coffee storage, drum and fluid-bed roasting, quality control lab, sample roasting, professional packing stations, logistic center for big and small shipments, office space, communal area for sharing ideas, and meeting rooms for small seminars.


Communal Coffee is a community, a network of coffee professionals from coffee producers and importers to coffee shop owners and brewing device manufacturers. We build the community to create the best possibilities
for us all to learn, grow, and evolve.

What we offer

Storage space

Our storage area has over 800sqm of pallet shelf space. Located right underneath the roasting facilities with easy access by a freight elevator and our loading dock.

Quality Control

Fully equipped coffee labs with all tools needed to extract and evaluate coffee quality as well sample roast.

Co-working / office space

Bright, clean, and functional co-working, office, and seminar spaces with printers and scanners.


A community of coffee professionals; coffee producers, roasters, green coffee importers, equipment manufacturers, packaging companies, etc. All coming together to create the best surroundings for learning, growing, and evolving.


Three roasting spaces are equipped with two Probat P12 drum roasters and a Typhoon 20 fluid bed roaster, and capacity to roast over 35.000kg of green coffee per month.


Two packing lines with dosing machines, precision scales, heat sealers, label printers, etc.

Logistic solutions

An optimal location with great logistic solutions both for receiving and sending big or small shipments. Storage space with direct connection to a loading dock and freight elevator. 

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